The Anat Baniel Method(sm)

Access your Brain to Transform your Life

The Anat Baniel Method(sm) is a movement-based learning process that relieves pain, speeds healing after injuries or surgery, and improves overall function by helping the brain to do it’s job better.

The brain has the ability to continually form new patterns of increasingly efficient movement throughout life. We see this process at work as a baby learns to roll over, crawl, and walk, and again as adults seek to acquire, or master, new skills or sports. However, as we age, we tend to stop forming these new patterns. Instead, we continue to use habitual moves, even when they no longer work for us. Over time repetitive, non-optimal movements can increase stress on joints and muscles, and cause pain and injury.

The Anat Baniel Method(sm) introduces new movement patterns to retrain the brain, allowing for more efficient, pain free movement. By attending to the quality with which one moves, the Method is also addressing the overall organizational capacity of the brain, and facilitating higher levels of functioning. Results are often immediate. Benefits include but are not limited to:

Aches and pains go away.
Improve breathing and posture.
Do things you could never do before.
A fuller range of motion – with greater ease.
Improved mental clarity and focus.
More graceful movement with improved quality

People who have benefited from AMB include:

  • Athletes
  • Musicians
  • Actors
  • Writers
  • Executives
  • High Achievers
  • Individuals desiring more vitality
  • Special needs children

The method is for everyone, but highly effective for the elderly, those with physical or neurological difficulties, children with special needs, and anyone looking to overcome pain and limitation due to accident or illness.

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