One-on-one sessions with an Anat Baniel Method (ABM) Practitioner are called Functional Synthesis(sm) Lessons (FS). Lessons are custom designed to awaken the brain’s potential for reorganization, recovery and transformation. Using movement and gentle touch, the practitioner guides the learners ability to sense where they restrict their movement unintentionally, and how they might organize more efficiently. This feedback, and increased awareness, give the learners brain the opportunity to form new neurological patterns, new skills, and more efficient ways of being. As the brain upgrades it’s ability to organize movement, it’s overall capacity improves. This has a positive impact not only one’s ability to function, but also on emotional well-being.

Lessons typically last from twenty five to forty minutes, long enough to impart new information, but not so long as to overwhelm the system. One should wear loose comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement. Lessons are generally interesting, feel good, and enhance one’s ability to be present and aware. Many people report that their aches and pains go away in just one or two appointments, and ongoing lessons can help change long standing life habits, increase pleasure of movement, and improve performance in all areas of life.